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Cappadocia Cross Golf is played over a course just like golf, using the same clubs, same ball and the same basic rules, only a few things are different, like for example the shape of the target. Cross Golf is an aerial game with a target that's raised above the terrain.


Golf's round hole, set in the ground to receive the rolling ball, is replaced by a new shape, a goal suspended in mid-air to trap the flying ball. The goals, which you are targeting, are positioned in an area fairly similar in size and style to golf greens, which are called "Yards", these can be of various shapes and sizes and are marked out with pegs round each goal.


Apart from a target that requires you to have a good relationship with your wedge, golfers say that Cross Golf is exciting to play because it encourages you to take risks. With golf you don't go for the hole from 50 yards out and expect to get it in. It's just too small for that. You chip on and expect to get close so that you can hole out in two putts. But with Cross Golf, because the target is so much bigger, there's a greater chance that you can goal out from that distance.


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