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It seems impossible that after 500 years since golf was invented, such a complementary game could be reinvented.  Although Cross Golf emulates the traditional game, it can actually be a more enjoyable and tactical one than the original.


It’s really a revolutionary take on golf. Cross Golf is a game in which, with a conventional but brightly coloured golf ball, you shoot for a goal rather than a hole.  Cross Golf is a different matter entirely from the regular game. In it, the atmosphere is much more light-hearted, there is no “dress code” and the aim is to hit your ball into a net. You use the same set of clubs as in golf, minus the putters.


Whether you are a regular golfer or a novice at the game, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. It's simple and very sociable and you might even improve your regular golf game! It's a game anybody can play, at any age or standard.


Cross Golf dispenses with manicured lawns, sandy bunkers, a strict dress code and regulations and makes for a more adventurous game. In this new golf game, the bush and fields are the fairways and fairy chimneys, cliffs, trees and grape vines are the obstacles to navigate. Cross Golf takes young and old on an energetic walk through Turkey's most famous national park, so recognised by UNESCO.


Every year between the months of May and October to participate in the Cross Country Golf tournaments, please contact us.



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